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Types of Comics and their designations.

LS = Limited Series   VC = Variant Covers     TBP = Trade Paper Back     GN = Graphic Novel

So you want to know what each abbreviation means, here you go; a Limited Series is usually a comic series that was printed just for that storyline alone, usually they are in their own book but sometimes a limited series storyline will be in the regular character book - A Variant Cover just means that the cover on the book was done 2 or more different ways for the same issue.  If you see VC listed by one of our titles it means we have at least 2 books of that issue.  1 of each cover - Trade paperback Books are usually a Limited Series that has been put into one book, lately TBP's have been used to reprint older issues of well liked characters so that you, the reader, can know the origin from the original writers and inkers.  When you see  one listed on our site, we will list the individual issues that the Trade paperback will cover.  Sometimes you will hear a Graphic Novel be called a TBP, but this isn't true most of the time, a Graphic Novel is usually a story written by an author that is whole and complete, it is using his own characters ideas to convey to you a story, even if the character he is writing about isn't his original thought, but usually the story line is.





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